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TheKey is the largest, and most trusted, in-home care provider.
21 Years
Personalized Care Since 2002
5 stars.
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We offer more than great caregivers. We’ll be your expert guide along this journey.
Whether you need respite care, a little help at home to live independently, or 24/7 care, we can design a personalized Care Plan that meets your needs and budget. Every caregiver is expertly trained and backed by a dedicated Care Team of in-house experts. So you’ll get the care you need and the support you deserve—and always stay informed and in control.
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Clients trust our caregivers and our service.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciated the care provided by Anna-Lisa to my wife Constance. Anna is a very caring person and wants to help wherever she can. She took Con for walks in the neighbourhood, played scrabble and helped her get around the house. She has a very friendly, easy-going personality and always had a good story to lighten the mood. Anna went above and beyond and took a personal interest in providing the care for my wife. I am eternally grateful for the care Anna gave to my wife. Thank you.
    — Rob N., Toronto, Ontario
  • I utilized services recently for my husband who is dying from Glioblastoma. The coordinator worked very hard to get assistance for us on short notice and the nurse they sent was very good with my husband. I appreciated their quick turnaround and quality assistance for my loved one during a very difficult time. Thank you for all your help!
    — Michelle I., Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Our retirement team always welcomed the support from our partners in care, TheKey. Great services and prompt response to any of our inquiries. Thank you.
    — Carmen N., RPN, The Village of Winston Park., Waterloo, Ontario
What makes TheKey different?
Quality. Our people. And we really know our business. Every care visit is backed by over 20 years of experience providing over a million hours of exceptional service to families who expect the best care for their loved ones.
A Care Plan Tailored to You
It starts with a focus on joy. Before beginning care, we get to know you or your loved one, as a person not a patient, learning about your favourite foods, music, hobbies, passions—the things that bring pleasure and purpose to each day—as well as your care needs. Then we design a personalized Care Plan just for you.

  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Help with personal care
  • Support for meaningful activities and daily engagement
Whole Care for the Whole Person
Our proprietary Balanced Care Method™ emphasizes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach focuses on nutrition, engagement, social connection, and overall wellness so our clients can live happier, healthier lives at home.

  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Sense of calm
  • Social engagement
  • Sufficient sleep
Team-Based Approach to Care
Behind every caregiver is a full-time Care Team of in-house experts, providing oversight and guidance to our caregivers—and support to you and your family.
Client Success Managers
You’ll have a dedicated Client Success Manager who leads your Care Team and works directly with you, keeping you informed and ensuring your ongoing satisfaction.
Staffing Managers
Our Staffing Managers expertly match clients with caregivers, work closely with your CCM, and handle scheduling and caregiver supervision to coordinate seamless care.
Professional Caregivers
Our caregivers are trained to support a client’s unique passions, hobbies, and lifestyle, in addition to their personal care and activities of daily living.
Expertly Trained Caregivers
We start by hiring great caregivers who genuinely love caring for others. Then we give them the training, tools, and support to be even better care professionals. Every caregiver is our employee—not a contractor, expertly trained by our team and professionally managed to ensure their success and your satisfaction. Since safety is always our top priority, all of our caregivers are interviewed, thoroughly vetted for skills and experience, and background checked.
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the best home care?
The best home care is provided by reliable, professional caregivers who are trained and backed by a home care agency that’s bonded and insured, providing oversight, care guidance, and back-up caregivers as needed.
How do I find the best caregiver for my loved one?
The best caregiver is an experienced professional who has the training and skills to support your loved one’s care needs. It’s also important to find a caregiver who’s extremely reliable—has back-up if necessary—and is a good fit in terms of personality and shared interests.
Is home care better than moving to assisted living?
Nine out of ten older adults would prefer to live independently in the home they know and love rather than moving to a facility or assisted living community. With the right level of support, most people can continue to live safely and comfortably at home even as they age with a progressive illness or medical condition.
How much does home care cost?
Home care is typically billed by the hour, so the cost depends on the number of care hours per week and can vary slightly by region. Most families pay out-of-pocket for their care or use long-term care insurance.
Is a home care agency better than hiring a private caregiver?
If you value safety, security, and reliability, yes. A quality home care agency is insured and also manages the performance and scheduling of its caregivers, handles billing and payroll, and has back-up caregivers to fill in when needed. With a private hire caregiver, you’re responsible for setting up payroll and withholding taxes, caregiver vetting and background checks, and purchasing sufficient liability insurance to cover any accidents or injuries in the home.
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