The Silent Epidemic: Identifying and Addressing Loneliness in our Aging Population” webinar led by Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh

TheKey’s Head of Quality and Clinical Development, Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh, PhD, MPH, MSc, CMC, discusses loneliness among our aging population, definitions and assessments for loneliness, benefits of social connection, barriers to social engagement and what we can all do to prevent social isolation in the seniors we serve and love.

In this webinar, clinical psychologist, Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh discusses the intricate issue of loneliness among aging populations, emphasizing the need to distinguish between loneliness and social isolation, and the importance of a preventive approach. She highlights the health impacts of senior social isolation and loneliness, particularly among older adults with cognitive decline, and underscores the significance of familial, friend and professional relationships in preventing these issues. Dr. Shadi also outlines various assessment tools and interventions, as well as the need for an inclusive approach to addressing sensory and cultural issues in social connections. TheKey hopes you enjoy this educational webinar on a very important subject.

Shadi Gholizadeh, PhD, MPH, is a licensed clinical psychologist and serves as the Head of Quality and Clinical Service at TheKey. Dr. Gholizadeh has an academic background in behavioral medicine and epidemiology and clinical expertise in aging in place, coping with and adapting to chronic illness and cognitive decline, and health intervention development. Dr. Gholizadeh works with family and professional caregivers in training and support contexts. She also leads continuous quality improvement efforts at TheKey. Dr. Gholizadeh serves as voluntary clinical faculty at UCLA in the doctoral assessment clinic.