5 Games that Can Enhance Memory in Stroke Survivors

Many stroke survivors develop memory issues that affect the recovery process and their daily lives, but with high-quality care and stimulating activities, your aging loved one can strengthen his or her memory, even after a stroke. Try some of these memory-enhancing games and puzzles, all appropriate for a stroke survivor.

games for older adults

1. Trivia Board Games

There are endless topics you can turn into trivia questions for your loved one, including politics, famous people and places, or food. It’s best to play trivia games with more than two people to give your loved one the interaction he or she craves and a little friendly competition. Just as exercise can restore muscle strength in the body, trivia games exercise the mind and restore thinking skills and memories in stroke survivors.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles stimulate the mind and are great activities to boost memory after a stroke. Having to identify where to place the puzzle pieces provides the mental and visual activity your loved one needs. They may associate pictures in the puzzle with the people they know and things they recognize. And while coming up with logical answers may be difficult for stroke survivors, puzzles challenge them to think logically, create new solutions, and solidify their memories.

3. Video Games

A stroke affects thinking abilities, but online game apps can help your loved one develop faster thinking skills. Playing video games also increases concentration levels and the brain’s processing abilities. There are a variety of game consoles suitable for older adults, and they can enjoy the activity while sitting in a chair or lying in bed. As your loved one regains physical strength, he or she can take on interactive video games that require more movement.

4. Music Games

Play some popular songs from the past and present to see if your loved one can associate the music with people. The songs will stimulate parts of the brain that have been affected by the stroke and trigger memories from the past. As the songs play, your loved one’s brain wave activity and concentration may increase. Listening to music can also boost language skills, cognitive abilities, emotional wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

5. Word Games

Words games offer more than a vocabulary refresher. They can lead to greater attention spans and better spatial awareness. Crossword puzzles and word searches are some brain-stimulating word games for stroke survivors to enjoy. These games can help with verbal, visual, and informational memory loss, which are common after strokes. Some aging adults experience stroke-related vascular dementia. Word games can help survivors increase their ability to follow instructions and boost short-term memory.

If you think that your loved one would benefit from having someone come over to play games with them and to boost their memory and mental health, give us a call at TheKey. Our expert Care Team will help you get the care you and they need.

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