TheKey Partners with TimeSlips to Promote Engagement in Aging Clients

LA JOLLA, CA. – January 5, 2024 TheKey, North America’s largest premium provider of in-home care, partners with TimeSlips™, a leading training program designed to promote engagement and connection in aging adults and their caregivers. Founded by Anne Basting, Ph.D., who is also a member of TheKey’s Scientific Advisory Board, this groundbreaking program provides an avenue for people living with dementia to engage in vibrant self-expression in a safe, judgment-free space that is meant to enhance a sense of purpose and promote positive communication and creativity.

Selected members of TheKey’s team are receiving training in the TimeSlips method, enabling them to facilitate engaging storytelling sessions within senior living communities. This initiative is part of TheKey’s broader commitment to supporting the well-being of aging adults beyond the scope of traditional in-home care. By leveraging the power of imagination and storytelling, these trained team members aim to support:
  • Enhanced Interactions: Improved quality of caregiver and client interactions.
  • Positive Attitude Shifts: Changing perspectives towards dementia, focusing on strengths rather than limitations.
  • Improvements in Well-Being: Increase in social engagement and improvements in mood and communication.
  • Greater Sense of Calm and Purpose: Decrease in distressed behavioral expressions and decreased need for pharmacological approaches to agitation.

“Through our partnership with TimeSlips, we are able to provide innovative programming to touch the lives of people living with dementia, enriching their day-to-day experiences with creativity and connection,” explains Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh, Director of Memory Care Programs at TheKey. “This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to holistic, person-centered care, and represents an exciting expansion of our efforts to enhance the lives of elders everywhere.”

There is a 45-minute, on-demand TimeSlips training that is free for anyone to take. Click the TimeSlips page here to start a Free Friends and Family training.

TheKey’s vision is to go beyond task-based care and celebrate life history, achievements, and relationships through the care the company’s caregivers provide. TimeSlips™ has profoundly touched the organization, showing positive improvements in the day-to-day engagement and happiness of clients.

About TimeSlips

TimeSlips is a creative, group storytelling project for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. A major component of this program is dedicated to training professionals to replicate the intervention. The project has three components: storytelling sessions, sharing of stories, and training workshops. The stories from the original storytelling sessions became a fully-produced play and other storytelling sessions have produced books that were disseminated to the storytellers’ families. In addition, program evaluation which involved a 20 nursing home study showed that in the facilities that practice TimeSlips, staff and residents had higher quality and quantity of interactions. In the original 1998 study, it was found that people with dementia who participated in TimeSlips showed less confusion and anxiety, particularly on the storytelling days. They also increased their attempts at communication, particularly self-initiated communication. For more information, visit: &

About TheKey

For over 20 years, TheKey (formerly Home Care Assistance) has helped clients achieve successful long-term aging at home with comprehensive, concierge-based care. Ensuring the dignity, safety, and independence of its clients, TheKey is committed to changing how the world lives and ages at home. Employee-teams get the training, resources, and support they need to deliver an exceptional care experience for clients and their families. Founded in Silicon Valley, TheKey has grown from a single location to service coverage throughout North America enabling clients to live life on their own terms, in their own homes.